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Perhaps it was growing up on an island, Sardinia; perhaps it was his grandfather, teaching him about the stars on warm summer nights. Before becoming an acclaimed musician, Carlsen was a pilot, something he “really wanted to become – I studied very hard for it.” In a way, it was the perfect vocation – itinerant, a little romantic – for someone with his wanderlust and thirst for new experiences. Gradually though, he drifted; away from flying – “I realised it wasn’t for me,” he says – and all around Europe. Back to music too, something he’d grown up with and loved, and something that came back into focus. “Music took over.” Playing both guitar and piano, his early influences were diverse and eclectic. Prog rock and metal were first loves, but also The Beatles and records by the likes of Steven Wilson. An interest in production led him to a degree in Music Technology at the London College of Music, where sound design, and composition for film and visual media, further piqued his creativity. Combined with his unconventional approach to playing instruments, it gave his new work an intriguing edge; innovative, exciting, daring. The music he started creating was imbued with aspects from both of these two, disparate professions – the pilot and the musician. It was technical yet meditative, precise yet poignant. “Feet on the ground, head in the sky,” is how he sums up this duality, and his music carries a wonderful, creative dichotomy. Listening is like floating in a daydream, Carlsen’s curious textures – crisp beats, hazy synth washes, delicate electronica – contrasting neatly with a reflective sense of intimacy and the blissful serenity he’s become so adept at.
Ed Carlsen
Grains Of Gold
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