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Shannon Shaw

Shannon Shaw is an American singer and bass player based in Oakland, California. She fronts the American garage band Shannon and the Clams. Shannon and the Clams is an indie garage punk quartet based in Oakland, California. Known for a vintage sound that incorporates elements of doo-wop, classic R&B, garage psych, and surf, Shannon and the Clams has drawn comparisons to both Buddy Holly and 1960s girl groups.[1] They are also said to love ""music from '50s oldies to '80s punk"".[2] The band includes vocals from bassist Shannon Shaw, guitarist Cody Blanchard, and keyboardist Will Sprott, along with drums by Nate Mahan. Shaw and Blanchard met at the California College of the Arts, where they began performing together.[3] Shaw is also a member of queercore punk outfit Hunx and His Punx.
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